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Hollywood’s Finest on Broadway

Editor's Picks

They’re Shorter In Real Life 

Hollywood stars regularly appear on Broadway, but a big name is no guarantee of a good performance. The big-name stars on stage at the moment, however, are true masters of the craft and should not be missed.

Bryan Cranston rightly nabbed this year’s Tony Award for his performance in Network. For a unique experience of this lauded production, grab Stage Seating—you’ll be immersed in the play, on stage in front of the rest of the audience, and served a four-course meal curated by former White House Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses. 

Jeff Daniels is a regular on Broadway and true theater aficionado: he’s won the Tony Award for best actor twice and uses his Hollywood earnings to support The Purple Rose Theater in Ann Arbor, which he founded. To Kill A Mockingbird, adapted by Aaron Sorkin, features Daniels in the lead.

Finally, Daniel Radcliffe plays a frenetic fact-checker in The Lifespan of A Fact. Although Radcliffe has the most name recognition of the cast, he stars opposite Tony Award winner Cherry Jones and Emmy Award winner Bobby Cannavale, the latter of whom might actually steal the show. It’s a credit to their performances, and the rest of the production, that they make a comedy about fact-checking not just funny but gripping.