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A Remedy for Winter Blues

Eating Around

Sunshine in a Meal

It might be snowing outside, but the sun is always shining at Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen. Just a four-minute walk from the Thompson, this bright, casual restaurant serves up authentic jerk chicken in a colorful environment that conjures the tropics. Imagine floral prints, tiki cocktails, and the best Caribbean food in a town that boasts some very fine versions indeed.

It’s a great spot for lunch, or even a snack. The kitchen specializes in small bites dusted in scotch bonnet pepper, lime zest, and three different homemade hot sauces. Of particular note are the salt fish fritters, served with a mango-lime-papaya salsa and spicy jerk chips made of plantains and taro. But really, you couldn’t go wrong if you tried.