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The Craftsman Behind Facture Goods

You’re possibly already familiar with Aron Fischer’s work from the pages of Vogue, or the homewares feeds of Instagram, or even Anthropologie. As the owner and maker behind Facture Goods, Fischer uses metals, clay, and wood to create beautiful (and functional) pieces. From brass-and-quartz letter openers to kiln-fired clay bowls, all of Aron’s pieces are made by hand and demonstrate his unique “primitive modern” aesthetic. We talk to him about life as a maker and get his tips on how to enjoy his hometown in the winter.

How did you make the transition to becoming a full-time maker? 

I started Facture Goods during my final year of grad school, hoping to transition full-time once my research was complete. I began posting about my process, pieces, and story consistently on social media. The next thing I knew, the demand for my work was there. I was lucky that it worked out that way!

What’s your favorite material to work with?

It varies by season. Since it’s currently holiday, bakeware is my most requested work. The thing I love most about clay is that it takes what you give it and holds your touch.

Is there a design or object you’re particularly proud of? 

As a maker, I tend to create a lot of wares, whether for my own shop or for custom orders. I’m always proud of work that combines multiple materials in interesting ways. I would say that I’m currently in love with the botanical wreaths I have been making over the past few months. 

What are you excited for in 2019? 

I have a new line of botanical-inspired work coming out at Terrain Stores, am working with a few restaurants around the world, and have a bunch of pop-ups planned around Chicagoland. It’s going to be my busiest year yet.

What do you recommend visitors do in Chicago on a particularly cold day? 

There are so many things to recommend, even in the winter. For me, the Christkindlemarket is my all-time-favorite winter activity. You can’t go wrong with glühwein! 

If you are near Grant Park, head to the Chicago Athletic Association’s reading room. This is a great spot to grab a coffee (downstairs) and warm up after some shopping.

For food, head to Yvolina’s Tamales on 18th & Halstead for delicious handmade tamales and mole, or head to Slurp Slurp Noodles in Chinatown for an enormous bowl of hand-pulled noodles.  

The new Asrai Garden in the West Loop is a gorgeous place to shop and a great way to surround yourself with greenery in the middle of winter. Martha Mae: Art Supplied & Beautiful Things in Andersonville is the perfect place for incredible gifts. Be sure to pet Martha (the beautiful pup) while you’re there!