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The Villas at the Cape

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Blessed with a perfect climate, an average daytime temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and 350 sunny days a year, Cabo is the ultimate escape plan for winter-weary dwellers of big cities worldwide. Cabo offers a carefree vibe and panoramic, desert-meets-the-sea views—what more could one want in a vacation destination?

Privacy and luxury, perhaps. In which case, we’ve now got you covered. The Villas at The Cape offer a contemporary aesthetic and elevated luxury touches not seen at traditional resorts, combined with a level of service unmatched by hotels, let alone holiday rental properties. In need of an extra indulgence for a particularly special trip? We’re beyond happy to oblige.

In generous living quarters set away from the rest of the hotel, you get to experience a contemporary luxury home for a week. Perhaps best of all, your personal concierge will take care of your every wish.