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A Visually Stunning Sports Competition

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Classic Sports, New Hobby

There are many reasons to take a day trip La Ventana, with its crystalline ocean that Jacque Cousteau dubbed “the aquarium of the world.” For four days in January, this small beach town outside of Cabo hosts the 11th iteration of La Ventana Classic, an annual kiteboarding, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding competition that benefits schools in Baja.

Even if you never took an interest in kite or board sports, watching athletes zip across the 11-mile channel crossing between Cervalo Island and La Ventana is a hypnotic way to admire the azure sea. The “big air” and freestyle events showcase gravity-defying tricks and skills.

It might all inspire you to pick up a new hobby. If you wish to do so, there’ll be clinics run by pros and a whole host of product demonstrations taking place on the beach. The L-shaped bay provides security to kiters, making it a great place to learn.