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A Birdseye View on Playa

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Live Wildly

It’s time to tick skydiving off your bucket list, and where better than the beautiful Riviera Maya. The team at Skydive Playa use rectangular “ram air” canopies, which lower descent speed and provide greater glide control than regular parachutes. Don’t worry though—unless you’re a pro, you won’t be steering. After a 20-minute training session and a nerve-wracking ascent, you’ll jump out of a plane safely strapped to your instructor. After a 40-second free fall, the canopy will open and you’ll soar across the ocean with the grace of a bird.

Skydive Playa is perfect for novices, and the team are compassionate and encouraging. “Only insane people aren’t scared of jumping out of a plane,” their website says. “Just tell yourself, That’s why I came here, to get the thrill of a lifetime.” It’ll certainly be an experience you’ll never forget.