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Cycling, Spirit, and Ambition

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Originally from Alberta, Canada, Kenzie Todd opened up luxe spin studio Full Ride Cycling with an ambitious goal: build a space that supports body, mind, and spirit, and which also acts as a hub for the community. Five months later, Full Ride has the #1 cycling instructor in Nashville and is generously supporting local nonprofits. We get Kenzie’s thoughts on giving back, following her passion, and what she loves about running a business in Nashville. 

What motivated you to start Full Ride Cycling?

Belief in how powerful a workout can be for the heart. Corny, yeah? But in my past life [working] a 9 to 5, I worked long work days to earn small privileges like friends, dating, restaurants, music, and two weeks of vacation. Then I found indoor cycling at Soul in California—45 minutes in a dark, candlelit room with spectacular music and a motivational instructor can be a life-changing practice. 

Sometimes we have no idea how badly we need it: a cycle to reset the mind, fatigue the body, and break down the barriers we carry all day. A few simple encouraging words at the right moment. It changed everything for me.

Then, one day, I just followed my interests far enough to live the life I actually wanted, as silly or cliché as that may sound.

But not a single part of Full Ride would be possible without the team that supports and lives its mission. Without this community’s support, I couldn’t attempt this. I am truly blessed.

Tell us a little about your involvement with the community.

Personally, I love hanging out (and laughing) with the Full community. We are a family and we love getting together in or outside of the cycling studio. 

Professionally, five percent of Full’s net profit goes toward local charities looking to affect sustainable change in our city.

Every package sold, every shirt bought, every shoe rental—a portion of that goes to an altruistic nonprofit working tirelessly to uplift this city. Full Ride was built to bring a passive support system for us all. Provide a service we love built on a charitable-business model. The idea is to help others in more than one way, all in a single transaction. Passive yet powerful.

What are your favorite things to do with visitors to Nashville?

Eating is definitely at the top of my list! Fortunately, Nashville has an incredible food scene. My favorites are Rolf & Daughters for handmade pasta, and City House for the city’s best pizza. And, of course, you can’t miss the view at the L.A. Jackson rooftop bar. I always make sure to bring visiting friends through so they can marvel at the sparkling city skyline from up there.

What are you most excited for in 2019? 

2019 is already gearing up to be one for the Full Ride record books. We’re about to be five months old but we’re just getting started! The team is working on building out the online and in-store athleisure boutique, as well as continuing to grow our events outside of our west-end studio. It’s been incredibly humbling to see how fast we’ve taken off, and the army I have behind me gets all the credit. I love our Full family and it’s clear we can—and will—shake things up in our city.

The last, and most necessary thing I’m excited to see in 2019 is what kind of impact the Full Ride Cycle community can make through the consistent charitable contributions. The impact map grows every day. It’s been unexpected but it is the most motivating reason to push for continued revenue growth this year. The more we earn, the more we give away. It’s life-changing work.