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The Most Festive Meal in Town

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Superlative Tacos, Y Más

La Lupita Taco y Mezcal offers a joyous atmosphere and some of the most photogenic (and delicious) tacos we’ve encountered. With a menu that includes fried grasshoppers and duck, as well as stalwarts like cochinitas and fish, La Lupita has an extensive menu to satisfy everyone.

The food stands out for its brazen attitude toward traditionalism. Their octopus taco is dressed with lemon and arugula in place of traditional lime and cilantro. The duck taco comes with a hibiscus compote; there’s tzatziki on the lamb. It’s almost sacrilegious—but so very tasty.

Swing by during the day, and you’ll discover brunch options that are less taco-centric, such as baked eggs, churros, or horchata-spice rice pudding. When the sun goes down, a band comes out in full swing. You’re guaranteed a tasty meal as well as a good time.