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Whale Season

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Wondrous Marine Life in Cabo

Humpback whales are a wise and intelligent species: after spending summer up north, they migrate south for the winter. These sun worshippers make their passage through Los Cabos from mid-January to mid-March, which makes this the perfect time to glimpse them in the wild.

Cabo San Lucas is also the perfect place: its unique location is in the middle of three different migration routes. While the humpback whale is the most frequent traveller through these parts, you might see any of seven species of whale. The Baja Peninsula also supports a diversity of marine animals, including dolphins, rays, sharks, and sea lions.

A tour with Whale Watch Cabo will take you past the arch, Lover’s Beach, and the sea lion colony, before heading further out to sea. A marine biologist will point out different animals, and there’s a “marine hydrophone” which lets you listen in on whalesong. You can also arrange a private tour for a more personal experience with the whales.