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Chicago goes Whole Hog

Vegetarians, beware: this is not for you. Cochon555 is a food festival boasting five chefs, five winemakers, and five responsibly-sourced heritage pigs. The festival pits one chef against another in a bid to see who can prepare the tastiest hog. It might be the meatiest festival of the year—and is certainly the most competitive.

It’s all in good spirits, though. This food festival-slash-competition was originally conceived to raise the profile of heritage breed pigs and responsible farming. Heritage breeds are to meat what “heirloom” is to vegetables—traditional breeds revived for their flavor. Look out for Mangalitsa, closely related to wild boar, often described as the pork equivalent of kobe beef. There’ll also be a Tiki bar, cocktail stations, and a booth serving Mett, which is pork tartare. Consider skipping lunch on March 3rd.