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Alternative Ways to Spend an Evening

Ever since Jennifer Lawrence challenged Jimmy Fallon to a match in 2017, the rustic sport of axe throwing has grown in popularity across the nation. Join in on the fun and consider a few other weaponized ways to spend an evening.

Kick Axe is a boozy axe-throwing bar in Brooklyn whose “axperts” trained under Mr. Throwdini, the illustrious magician and 40-time Guinness World Record Holder. After a 15-minute demonstration, you’re free to start throwing axes with (but not at) your friends.

JLaw might also be responsible for the resurgence of archery. Do your best impression of Katniss, stir memories of summer camp, and try an intro class at Gotham Archery.

Skip the sports angle and visit Manhattan’s Wrecking Club. Their “Couples Therapy” package provides sledgehammers, baseball bats, crowbars, construction wear, and a pile of old electronics and ceramics for you to smash in a safe, contained space. Rest assured, it’s perfectly legal, and you don’t have to clean up.