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Homecoming for a Celebrity Chef

Eating Around

Traditional Cuisine, Gently Reimagined

Celebrity chef Xavier Perez Stone has won Canada’s Iron Chef competition and been named Mexico’s top chef, so it stands to reason that Axiote, his restaurant in Playa, should be on your list of places to visit. What’s more, Perez Stone is a Playa native, which means Axiote holds a special place in his heart. You’re guaranteed one of the most memorable meals of your stay (or ever).

The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine—reimagined. Axiote’s offerings change regularly but you’ll often find sweetbread or duck tacos, roasted bone marrow, and lobster croquettes on the menu. The “ant tacos” might sound unappetizing but escamol, edible ant eggs harvested from agave plants, are a traditional food in Mexico City and still popular today. Have no fear, they are buttery and delicious!

The drinks menu offers a similar spin on traditional ingredients. The Canelita, made with tequila, pineapple, lime, and cinnamon, is a refreshing aperitif. You might find yourself coming back to sample everything you missed the first time around.