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Hygge & Brød

Eating Around

Your New Fave Brunch Spot

If you’ve ever visited Copenhagen, then you’re familiar with beloved bakery chain Lagkagehuset and its delicious breakfast-to-supper offerings. Lucky for us, they’ve just opened a New York outpost, under the more pronounceable name, Ole and Steen.

Danish food is characterized by whole grains, creative salads, and bursts of flavor where you might not expect them. Ingredients can, at first glance, appear misplaced. You’ll find Hon Shimeji mushrooms in a breakfast sandwich, along with charred broccolini. Carrots are everywhere—you’ll find carrot bread, carrot buns, and heirloom carrot “steaks” on the menu. Pesto makes a regular appearance, but it’s made with kale or parsley in place of traditional basil. The result? Ole and Steen satisfy and subvert our expectations of what sandwiches, grain bowls, and salads should be.

Let us not forget the cakes, cream puffs, and “Danish” pastries. Follow your heart—you can’t go wrong—but for something traditional and delicious, try the Christianshavner cake, made with caramelized hazelnut and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Hygge has never tasted so good.