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An Enchanting Evening

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Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Immersive theater is a chance to be transported to a bewildering, enchanted world—to interact with performers, get lost in old buildings, and completely shatter the fourth wall. What better medium, then, for a play inspired by the surreal children’s classic Alice in Wonderland?

Based on the writings of Lewis Carroll, Then She Fell is a chance to experience the 19th-century wonderland of the book for yourself. The performance is intimate and multi-sensory, more like being swept up in a dreamlike world than spending a night at the theater. Limited to 15 participants, who get split into ever-smaller groups as the night goes on, you might find yourself surrounded by dancers at a raucous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, or drinking wine with the Queen of Hearts, or locked in a closet, alone, with Alice herself.

If you’ve been to Sleep No More and experienced the anxiety of wondering whether you missed the best bit of the show, fear not: this is a guided experience. Wear comfortable shoes, though: you’ll be racking up step counts as you wander through an old hospital.

Multiple dates, extended until September.