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ArtWithMe Festival

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Woodstock, in the Jungle, with Lights

Although ArtWithMe is only in its second year, it’s being hailed as one of the best arts festivals in the world. Imagine Art Basel meets Burning Man held on one of the most beautiful beachfronts on Earth, and you’re not far off.

ArtWithMe has as much of an ecological focus as an artistic one, billing itself as an “arts and ecoculture” festival in an attempt to highlight the region as much as protect the fragile ecosystem. You can rest assured in the knowledge that organizers have designed the festival with minimal environmental impact.

More importantly, perhaps, there’s the line up. There are over 50 art works on view, including a Daniel Popper installation, a series of otherworldly light installations, and much more. The festival offers a robust wellness program that includes a traditional Mayan sweat lodge, a delicious-sounding cacao ceremony, and acro yoga classes. There’s music with highlights from famed Venezuelan DJ Eduardo Castillo, and Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses. 

The festival runs April 24th–28th. As unique and vibrant a place as Tulum is, it’s also incredibly crowded during these events. Come back to Playa and relax with us to recover from a hard day’s ecoculture.