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Cheese and Delicacies

Eating Around

An Education in Smoked Meats

Food in the Pacific Northwest is inextricable from the natural beauty of the region. There are few other places on Earth where you might hear the word “terroir” in conjunction with cheese. Cascadia Creamery is one of those places—the raw milk for their cheeses comes from pasture-raised cows. Cascadia is one of many artisanal food producers in the area whose delicacies are produced on such a small scale that they barely leave the region.

Make the most of it while you’re in town at the Cheese and Meat Festival. Upon arrival, you will be provided with a charcuterie board and glass. Your mission is to fill those items with food and drink up to the value of your ticket (you can choose your tier).

While you’re there, you’ll learn more than you expected about cheese and charcuterie. You’ll try cheeses described as “brothy,” learn how to identify a fudge texture from one that is simply luxurious, and perhaps be able to appreciate what separates a cheese aged five years compared to one aged 60 days. You’ll have the opportunity to try salami smoked over whiskey barrels, lamb salami, elk salami, single-source heritage pork salami, salami seasoned, variously, with mole, ginger, chipotle, porcini, Balinese-style galangal, blueberries, and nutmeg. These offerings might be accompanied by organic fruit gathered from the orchards of the San Juan Islands, crafted into preserves specially tailored for cheese-and-meat pairings.

Then there’s the wine, spirits, cider, and beer: lots of them, locally produced.

Sessions run at 11am and 3pm on April 20th, which some might consider a happy coincidence.