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An Action-Packed Workout

It’s spring: it’s time to get in shape, vacation or no vacation. If you believe in managing your health with military efficiency, if you’ve ever fantasized about starring in a Jet Li movie, or if you just want to try a really fun and challenging workout, check out Hotbox. 

Hotbox fuses kickboxing with aerobic exercise, which doesn’t make the martial art any tamer. More the opposite. Classes begin with a 15-minute bootcamp-style warmup, after which you’ll wrap your hands and glove-up. Your imagination will already be firing from the very loud soundtrack, but this is where your action movie fantasies might kick in. With heavy rap beats blaring, your instructor will yell inspirational quotes at you, as nicely as inspirational quotes can be yelled, encouraging you to sweat harder. You’ll be given commands and demonstrations of left-footed roundhouse kicks and other Bruce Lee signature moves. You might not feel exactly like an action hero at the end—you’re likely to feel very, very tired—but you’ll certainly have worked off some mental and physical steam.