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Rethinking Science

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Stranger Than Fiction

Carl Sagan gave us a new, hopeful, expansive way of looking at the world: knowing that we’re made of the same stuff as stars really throws daily concerns into a whole cosmic perspective. The fundamental lesson he taught—his legacy—was that science is a profoundly human subject. Even if you haven’t donned a lab coat since grade school, it is an undeniable part of our daily lives.

Story Collider is a storytelling organization dedicated to surfacing personal stories related to science, in the same spirit of wonder as Sagan. Story Collider Live is an evening of live storytelling in which science is treated not as a set of facts but as a story full of conflict, questions, suspense, and the occasional thrilling discovery. You’re as likely to hear a comedian as a neuroscientist tell a true, personal story on stage, and if you join Story Collider on April 25th , you’ll be enthralled by the stories of a musician, a comedian, and several highly accomplished female scientists. It might even inspire you to pick back up your studies.