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Tranquility, Calm, and a Good Stretch

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Be Your Best, Tanned Self

Being on the beach benefits your mind: it’s science. The sound of waves calms us, the blue of the ocean soothes, and the salty air cleanses. The knowledge that you don’t have to be at work later on provides an unquantifiable amount of mental peace. What better time, then, to relax, reflect, and set some intentions? If you can’t be your best self on vacation, when can you be?

Whatever your seek, we encourage you to plan for a private yoga lesson at Baja Soul Yoga. While they have a beautiful studio shaded by palm trees, there are few things more profoundly relaxing than yoga on the beach. Bonus: exercising on the beach challenges your body in new ways, with the uneven surface strengthening secondary muscles in the feet. Plus, you get a tan.