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Simply the Best

Just northwest of Toronto, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection houses some of Canada’s best contemporary and 20th-century artworks. This month sees the opening of Louie Palu: Distant Early Warning.

Each of Palu’s images offer up a story. His photos peer into other worlds and his work is fearless: it’s taken him into war zones and gang lands. His most recent project, a three-year assignment for National Geographic, documents the vestigial legacy of the Cold War in the Antarctic territories. While these images are arresting on their own, if you’re in Toronto on May 21st, you can enjoy a tour of the exhibition guided by the artist himself.

While you’re there, enjoy the gallery’s sculpture gardens and over 100 acres of forested trails. Back inside, Marie-Claire Blais: Veis is the first exhibition in a major Canadian gallery of celebrated Québécois abstract-expressionist, Marie-Claire Blais. What’s more, this exhibition is curated by Jessica Bradley, former curator of contemporary art at the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.