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Chocoholics Rejoice

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A Multitalented Cafe

What does Nashville have that you can’t get anywhere else in the world? Absinthe paired with chocolate truffles. 

If that wasn’t your first answer, head over to Green Hour at Tempered Cafe to find out what you’re missing. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, this European-style cafe turns into old Bohemia, serving a range of 12 different absinthes and a variety of absinthe cocktails, along with some delectable bar snacks.

If absinthe isn’t your thing, Tempered’s homemade quiches and baguette sandwiches make it a good place for lunch—or any time, really. With options like passionfruit wine slush, liege waffles with elderberry jam, and the oxymoronic delight that is frozen hot chocolate, you can refuel deliciously whenever your appetite kicks in.  

As for the name, “tempered” refers to the process of making chocolate delicious. You’ll find artisanal truffles in contemporary flavors like birthday cake and rosemary cayenne alongside more traditional options like praline, coffee, and rose, all made at the cafe. You won’t want to leave town without a box.