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Indian Food Through a New Lens

Rohan Kamicheril is a chef with a fascinating background and a soon-to-come memoir as seen through the lens of food. For many years, he’s run Tiffin, a dinner series and food blog dedicated to the tremendously varied cuisine of India. Originally from Bangalore, Kamicheril worked in publishing for many years and served as the editor of Words Without Borders, a literary magazine that translates contemporary works by international authors to bring fresh and unique perspectives from abroad. Seeking to present the varied cuisine of his home country with a similar sense of discovery and multiplicity, Kamicheril started Tiffin, a website that hosts essays, recipes, travel stories, and interviews about Indian food.

For two nights in May, the blog comes to life. Kamicheril hosts an intimate supper club, providing a history of the dishes served. On May 9th, a three-course meal centered on Khao Soi, a coconut soup most traditionally associated with Thailand, will be accompanied by an oral history of the dish’s migration from Burma to Thailand, the south of India, and beyond. The meal on May 14th could possibly be described as a “dessert club”: while there will be trays of savory treats on hand, the main attraction is a three-course series of desserts presenting an Indian take on bread pudding, ice cream, and white chocolate mouse. Email for tickets.