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Mountain Biking Made Easy

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Exhilaration, Not Exhaustion

The beauty of Cabo isn’t limited to the beach and cerulean waves. The surrounding area offers up saguaro cacti, rugged hills, and mountain trails with panoramic views of the landscape beyond. Appreciating the full scale of the natural beauty in this region can’t be accomplished on foot; in a car, you miss the open air and the scent of white sage growing on the hillsides. For the more intrepid, a mountain bike ride is a great way to appreciate the land in all its sensory glory. But who really has the energy?

Luckily, there’s a workaround: electric mountain biking gives you the rush and exhilaration of an adventure sport without the legwork. There’s some work involved—but for those tricky, rugged spots, switch into electric gear. Appreciate the landscape and save your energy: you will still feel accomplished at the end of it.