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A New Dining Concept at Thompson Seattle

Eating Around

Change is Good

Closing the doors to Scout PNW in January did not mark the end of an era as much as it heralded the arrival of a new, exciting dining concept at Thompson Seattle. Opening its doors on May 8th, Conversation, our aptly-named new restaurant, invites you to connect and share a meal in what’s possibly the most chic all-day dining space in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s our belief that eschewing formality does not mean sacrificing style: our thoughtfully-arranged space—with chandeliers, sofas in the iconic style of Vladimir Kagan, and dining chairs designed by 20th century legend George Nakashima—is designed to foster a sense of comfort. The menu, designed by Chef Derek Simcik, presents a reinvention of traditional favorites which highlight the bounty of local produce. Inspired by fish and chips, we pair freshwater brook trout with mashed potato and garnish it with smoked aioli and caper puree to conjure the taste of tartare sauce. Lamb en Croute pairs a time-tested meat preparation with sunomo, a Japanese cucumber salad, for a contemporary kick.

It’s our hope that the inviting atmosphere inspires the type of intimacy our name suggests. So bring a friend, make yourself at home, and enjoy a killer meal, any time between 7am and 10pm. We look forward to welcoming you.