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When we rave about Mexican food, our mind might jump to tacos and ceviche but what really distinguishes Mexican cuisine is the wealth of seasonal produce grown in the country. It stands to reason that Mexican-style vegan food would be divine.

Find out for yourself: Every month, Parque la Cieba hosts a variety of local producers and entrepreneurs for an outdoor vegan food market. You’ll find delicious, healthy, alternative versions of Mexican classics, such as vegan tamales, nut queso, fresh coconut milk, and jams, preserves, and pickles made from local produce. Highly recommended are deep-fried hibiscus flower tacos (which are reminiscent of fried zucchini flowers) and La Bruja Isleña sodas, made with filtered jungle rain water, probiotics, and local ingredients.

Parque la Cieba itself is a beautiful spot to cool down in the shade of its palm trees. Admission to the market is free—and there’s live music. May 4th.