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Quite Simply the Bombo

Eating Around

More Than a Donut

There are filled donuts and then there are “bombo.” While some might argue that a bombo is the same thing as a filled donut, that one is quite literally a translation of the other, that would be like comparing beignets to donuts, when they are clearly different, not least because beignets are square.

If you’d like to weigh in on the debate, BomboBar’s new Old Town location is a great place to start. What began as a walk-up window at Bar Siena has expanded to a 30-seat restaurant complete with a liquor license, serving a solid range of savory options such as a fried chicken sandwich with sriracha, fabulous pizza, and a cheeseburger to rival Small Cheval. What stands out above all the rest, though, are their highly Instagrammable sweets and ice creams.

Take, for instance, the cookie monster ice cream—the most appetizing blue food you’ll ever meet. Like the ice creams, BomboBar’s hot chocolates and milkshakes are kind of a creed: they arrive bejeweled with all manner of decadent toppings—mini bombos, Oreos, fruity pebbles, edible glitter. The bombo themselves are served with miniature squeezy bottles of filling which allow you inject your ideal amount of caramel, jam, or chocolate. Skip breakfast, and maybe lunch—you’ll need your appetite.