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A Slightly Creepy Learning Experience

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Celebrating Life Through Death

Devotion and respect for the dead is embedded in Mexican traditions, history, and literature. This isn’t a morbid fascination so much as a sense of irony—the dead are seen to live on through their spirits, returning to be with their families once a year on Day of the Dead. It’s not unusual to see colorful ornaments or images dedicated to the deceased, reflecting a certain cheerfulness. Death is paid due respect but seen as part of the cycle of life.

It makes sense then that, despite dedicating itself to the afterlife, Muxi Xibalba Museum pitches itself as “A Life Celebration.” This small gallery which opened in late 2018, provides an insight into the rituals, myths, and history of traditional burial practices. Beyond images of skulls, candles, incense, and campasuchil petals, the museum dips into the magical world of the afterlife. It’s a little creepy, and a lot of fun.