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A Fairytale Destination

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Museum of Trees

The Morton Arboretum is an enchanting destination any time of year, but with the peonies currently in bloom, it’s particularly fairytale-like. Venture through the far-reaching forest and you’ll see exactly what we mean: 30-foot trolls, crafted from reclaimed wood by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, are hidden throughout.

As a “museum of trees,” the Arboretum provides an opportunity to learn about the science of trees, although you may prefer to just take in the sights. This summer, Morton hosts what is possibly the most culturally-sophisticated use of LEGO to ever hit the outdoors. Half a million LEGO bricks have been transformed into thematically-appropriate sculptures, including a peacock and a life-size deer.

Encompassing 1,700 acres of gardens and woodlands, Morton is the perfect place for a stroll, but if you’re in town June 22nd, check out the craft beer festival for beer flights, samples from local breweries, live music, and food trucks.