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America’s Greatest Artisans Are In Town

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A trip to Nashville wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Parthenon in Centennial Park. On June 14th to 16th, the park also offers a fantastic shopping opportunity. The 45th annual American Artisans Festival brings together 150 carefully-selected vendors from 35 states. Ceramicists, artists, jewelers, sculptors and makers will be in attendance, providing an opportunity to shop the best hand-crafted goods in the country, all in one place.

There’ll also be readings from the Parnassus Book crew, ceramics- and craft-making workshops, and—this being Nashville—lots of live music. Vendors to look out for include Chris Oaks, who makes high-quality hammocks and rope-strung chairs and one-woman studio, Emma Thieme, who brings her high-quality leather bags and motorcycles seats into town all the way from Maine. You can see the whole list here.