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A Japanese-Style Stroll

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Zen Out

Japan is a misty island covered in mountains. Thus it stands to reason that misty, mountain-flanked Seattle is home to a celebrated Japanese-style garden.

Located in the Washington State arboretum, the Seattle Japanese Garden is in fact one of the most highly regarded Japanese gardens outside of Japan itself. Japanese gardens are designed with movement in mind, making this the perfect place for a stroll. With no single focal point, its paths encourage you to wander. Its miniaturized trees trick the senses, conveying a sense that the garden is larger than it is. The landscape reveals itself gradually, with certain views hidden behind trees, structures, and hills, so that your sense of the landscape changes as you explore.

With the azaleas in bloom, June is a perfect time to visit. Take a stroll, or, for an extra cultural punch, attend a tea ceremony at the Shoseaian Tea House next door.