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A Celebration of the Mango

Eating Around

Get Fruity

The mango is to Mexicans what the apple is to Americans—a staple food and a taste as old as memory. Different varieties are available depending on the season, although you’ll see fruit vendors selling them everywhere year round. While the traditional way of eating mango is with chili, lime, and salt, you’ll see this magnificent fruit in paletas, helados, and pica de gallos. It’s not uncommon to eat mango daily—and honestly, why wouldn’t you?

All of which is to say that it stands to reason that there’s an annual mango festival. Set in one of Mexico’s so-called pueblos magicos, magic towns, the tiny village of Todos Santos, the mango festival is a great excuse for a day trip. When you’ve had your fill of fruit, explore the cobblestone streets, admire the adobe houses, and perhaps grab a coffee at Baja Beans or a taco at laidback surfer spot Bar Bahia. We’ll be here to welcome you back for dinner and a drink at Manta when you’re done.