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A Kaleidoscopic Street Fair

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Reaching Peak Quirky

Fremont Fair is Seattle’s largest summer market with live music, food trucks, and over 400 vendors selling handmade goods, arts, and crafts. It’s also possibly the zaniest street fair in the country.

Stilt walkers, dancers, musicians, and other costumed performers will be stalking the streets the Emerald City for the 31st Annual Fremont Solstice Parade on Saturday, June 22nd, celebrating the changing season. Impromptu performances and busking are not only permitted, they are encouraged, so consider bringing your favorite instrument.

Food is of the traditional street fair variety and, as such, not for the faint-hearted—fried PB&Js and curly fries are on the menu. Other highlights include the annual “art car blowout,” which is quite a big deal for a national troop of “cartists” who embellish their vehicles in a feat of color and creativity. There’s also a costumed puppy parade on Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm. Stay all day or just pop by—either way there’s summer fun to be had.