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Not Your Usual Ice Cream

Eating Around

Reinventing the Waffle Cone

Arthur Pezzeli, one of the minds behind very-popular Bang Bang Ice Cream, just opened his first solo venture, Knockout, combining several of the key ingredients, if you will, which contributed to Bang Bang’s success. These include waffle cones of both the traditional and “bubble” variety—warm, made-to-order, Belgian-style waffles wrapped around scoops of your choice. Your choice might include flavors you’re unlikely to see elsewhere, such as matcha Oreo or yuzu sorbet. Knockout also promises seasonal favorites, which right now include watermelon, lychee, and passionfruit sorbets.

Knockout is slightly off the beaten path, making it a nice excuse to stroll around Wychwood, one of Toronto’s oldest planned communities, originally established as an artist colony. The creative spirit lives on—you’ll see murals, including one by FAILE, as well as sculptures and beautiful arts and crafts–style houses in the surrounding neighborhood.

Closed Mondays, open every other day, 1pm–9pm. 42 Westmoreland Ave N, Toronto