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Seattle’s Secret Beach

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Learn to Tidepool

Yes, it’s possible to enjoy sun, ocean waves, and sand between your toes just 20 minutes from Thompson Seattle. Alki Beach Park is a two-mile stretch of beach offering volleyball courts, a clutch of local cafes and restaurants, and tidepooling.

What’s a tide pool? To the uninitiated, it might look like locals are examining giant puddles, but what they’re actually doing is tidepooling, inspecting the tiny pools of marine life left after the tide rolls out, pools packed with sea anemones and star fish.

While Alki Beach lacks the palm trees of SoCal, it exudes northwestern charm. What’s more, it’s an easy water taxi ride from downtown. If you’re hungry, grab fish and chips at Spud, or a burger at Blue Moon, which operates out of a converted garage, then come and join us for a drink at The Nest later on.