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Cabo From a Birds’ Eye View

See El Arco from a whole new angle: from a hang-glider, hundreds of feet in the air.

Sound terrifying? Don’t worry. Cabo Sky Tours offer hand-powered hang-gliding tours of the region, and you won’t be on your own. Your experienced pilot, Ernesto, will handle the mechanics of the operation while you sit in the back, chauffeuring you through the open air.

Whether you want to stay closer to ground level, get a closer view of sea turtles and sea lions, or go on a more intrepid adventure, Ernesto has got you covered. Fly over the Sahara-like sand flats, see the town, or explore further. If you’re feeling extra daring, he can take you over 2,000 feet in the air. Feeling the wind on your bare skin and soaring is possibly the closest experience you’ll get to flying—and where could be more beautiful?