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The Most Beautiful Roasted Meats and Salads

Eating Around

Primo is #1

Primo is a modest, open space with some of the tastiest, stylish Mexican cuisine you’ll find in Playa. Their dishes are carefully prepared, beautifully presented, and elevated by thoughtful details that you won’t find elsewhere.

Expect to see suckling pig and barbecue-roasted lamb tacos on the menu, along with fire-grilled local snapper served with a house-made mole blanco. Where side salads are treated as an afterthought by many restaurants, Primo treats every element of its menu with the greatest care, meaning that roasted cabbage is treated to jalapeño mignonette and fried almonds; a simple tomato and cucumber salad is elevated by sliced fennel and yogurt vinaigrette. Tortillas are made fresh, and gorgeous thin slices of home-pickled radish abound.

The drinks menu provides equally stylish and tasty concoctions, such as smoky mezcal margaritas infused with tamarind, rosemary, or habanero, or horchata made with pumpkin seeds. Finish off with a dessert like the grilled mango or coconut and cacao tamale, served with edible flower petals, for a meal you won’t forget.