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Everyone Wins at Stan’s

Eating Around

Donuts For Everyone

There are no prizes here for guessing what Stan’s Donuts and Coffee specialize in. Their donuts are a Chicago institution via California—the original location of Stan’s opened in Los Angeles 1963. Fifty years later, a Chicago-based fan of the company brought Stan’s home.

The partnership resulted in a whimsical donut selection that includes every variation of donut you can imagine, from beignet to Boston Cream, old-fashioned to fritter, cronut to sweet, cinnamon-sugar pretzel. They’re glazed to perfection, then stuffed with buttercream, custard (those are the “Bismark” variety), Nutella, peanut butter, or marshmallow. There are even vegan and gluten-free donuts so no-one feels left out.

Recently, Stan’s did something radical: they introduced cookies. Crisp at the outer edge and meltingly gooey towards the center, this was a natural next step—one we’re enormously glad they took.

And some of the best news is that they’ve got stores all over town, including one just blocks away from the hotel.