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Oat Milk Magic

Eating Around

Move Over, Almonds

Urban Dessert Lab is, much like the name suggests, an inventor of desserts. In its original lab in Boston, bakers (or scientists?) developed shrunken, multi-layer sponge cakes served on popsicle sticks. Thankfully for us New Yorkers, the company opened up a second lab in NYC dedicated to one of their most prized inventions: oat milk soft-serve ice cream.

The product is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, all natural, and, most importantly, delicious. How can something so delicious and unctuous exist out of practically nothing, you ask? Oats, that’s how. Urban Dessert Lab works sheer magic with oats.

You can mix up your own concoctions based on their signature vanilla creme base, which you can top with chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry, coffee, or peanut butter sauces. There are a variety of nuts and sprinkles to go with, promising a beautiful, satisfying iced treat.