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The US Open, Elevated

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Game, Set, Match

If you didn’t get invited to one of the luxury suites at this year’s US Open, don’t worry. A new 20,000 square foot facility called The Overlook opened this year, providing new levels of comfort for tennis fans. As good as the food is at the Billie Jean Tennis Center—where guests feast on food from star chefs such as Masaharu Morimoto—there’s a lot to be said for not having to jostle with thousands of other fans just to eat. The Overlook provides all-inclusive access to raw bars, dining and cocktails, meaning you can enjoy the tournament’s signature Grey Goose Honey Deuce in air-conditioned peace.

Beat the heat in the crowd and watch the game on one of their multiple screens, or enjoy spectacular views over the three main tennis courts—whatever you prefer, The Overlook is possibly the most luxurious way to enjoy the tournament. This is for individuals only—no corporate space—so you’ll be surrounded by like-minded fans.