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You’ve probably experienced the magic of CBD, or heard someone else rave about it. A panacea for pain, anxiety, or whatever else might ail you, it seems like everyone could benefit from a little of the hemp derivative in their lives.

Cleen Craft, makers of CBD-fuelled sodas, certainly think so. What’s more, they’re multiplying the inventive ways you can ingest CBD, having just opened a new speakeasy-style tasting room at their production facility.

As well as serving wine and beer, their menu features feel-good cocktails such as the Oaxacan Palom-ahhhh, where mescal and Ancho Reyes chili liqueur is matched with fresh grapefruit juice and CBD lime soda. Or just grab a CBD-loaded ginger beer or cola. Either way, you’ll leave feeling more blissful than when you arrived.