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Monkey Around Mayan Ruins

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The Best of the Peninsula

For everyone who’s ever found themselves wanting to touch the artifacts in a museum, there’s Coba. Approximately 2,000 years old, the enormous Mayan pyramid in Coba offers a unique opportunity, as far as ancient archeological ruins go: you can actually climb the pyramid.

A couple of hours out of town, Coba is always worth the trip, especially if you stay with us. Since you’re making the journey, we figure you should enjoy some other activities unique to the Yucatán. We’ll organize a tour replete with chauffeur service to and from the hotel. After the pyramid, visit a wild monkey sanctuary in the jungle. Here, adorable spider and howler monkeys live in the jungle, in a protective enclosure.

Bring your bathing suit—there’s also a chance to swim in a cenote and zipline over a lagoon. It’s pretty much the ultimate taste of the Yucatán.