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Soak Under the Sun

Cabo already is a haven of relaxation, but when you really need to get away from it all, the spa at Flora Farms offers an island of tranquility. An old-fashioned whitefront farmhouse, with a porch and creeping flower bushes, Flora Farms looks like it’s been lifted from the Hamptons. With an emphasis on organic ingredients, the spa offers facials, aromatherapy massage, herbal soaks, and a host of other services.

All the products are based on medicinal plants grown onsite. With an intimate setting accommodating up to two people, it provides a real moment of calm. You’ll be completely alone, soaking in their large outdoor tubs with their homemade herbal bath salts, or enjoying their juice or margaritas made with freshly-picked mangos from the farm.

Yoga classes, including private sessions, are also available.