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The View From Above

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Stand Tall and See Chicago from Way Up There

Standing at 1500-feet tall, the John Hancock Tower is a 100-story skyscraper and one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. Needless to say, perhaps, it offers some of the best views in town.

On the 94th floor, 360 Chicago is the tower’s observation deck—appropriately named, as you can admire panoramic views from every angle. To make the most of the view, head up to the bar on the 96th floor. Alongside the artisanal cocktails (with spirits from local distilleries such as Koval), or the beer from Revolutionary Brewing, you can get a raw bar platter or duck nachos and small eats such as guac or bruschetta.

If a drink isn’t your thing, 360 Chicago offers other sky-high activities. Make it there on Sunday morning for Yoga in the Sky, a yoga class held in the observation deck. Or, for the thrill seekers among you, there’s TILT, a moving platform which tilts you as if you were about to slide out of the window. Though you might find that the elevator ride upward is enough of a thrill in and of itself—they’re the fastest in the Western Hemisphere, traveling 20mph.