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Go Go Power Ranger

LA Jackson is the best of both worlds: an indoor-outdoor bar popular with locals and visitors alike. With spectacular views overlooking downtown, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy a cocktail and wind down the evening.

LA Jackson is on the top floor of Thompson Nashville, serving elevated bar snacks and inventive drinks. You might find duck empanadas, smoked wings, and shishitos on the food menu, but the menu changes seasonally. If you spy someone carrying a gorgeous double-pour drink in a coupe glass outside, that’s the Kimberly Hart, named for the Pink Power Ranger. You won’t find her on the fall menu, but if you ask nicely, we’ll see what we can do. You can also try making one at home.

Kimberly Hart 

Named after the pink power ranger

Tasting Notes: Named for the Pink Power Ranger, this is a martini-esque cocktail with floral notes, as well as cinnamon and clove spices balanced by tart pineapple.


1.5oz Cathead vodka

0.5oz Falernum

0.5oz Hisbicus

0.5oz lime

0.25oz Cinnamon

0.75oz pineapple

2 dash Peychauds

Top with Soda

Pour all ingredients into a shaker over ice, shake, and pour into chilled coupe glass.