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A Multi-Sensory Coffee Experience

Eating Around

Order a Beverage, Receive an Experience

With candy pink and cerulean walls, ornate azulejo tiling, and copper-leaf paneling, Felix Roasting Co. is a dreamy café that recalls Jazz Age Paris as envisioned by a very talented set designer. As the name suggests, they serve coffee. But why simply order a beverage when you could get an “experience”? There are two on offer: their honeycomb latte with lavender and rosemary comes adorned with fresh herbs resting on a brittle house-made toffee shell. Their Hickory Smoked S’mores latte is served in a chocolate-rimmed coupe, prepared with graham cracker-infused milk, and topped with a flambéed-to-order house-made marshmallow before the whole concoction is smoked, table-side, under an enormous cloche. They serve matcha, shrubs with fresh herbs, and Amaro, and they pair coffee with Aperol. Perhaps it goes without saying at this point, but everything is very pretty.