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Tradition Redux

Jack O’Lanterns have historically been carved to ward off evil, a tradition with roots in the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a man who bargained with Satan and lost. Jack found himself doomed to wander the Earth with only a hollowed out turnip and a candle to light his way, which apparently protected him from evil.

Somewhere along the line, this Irish tradition switched from turnips to pumpkins—which, if you ask us, is a lot more visually appealing. Chicago is well protected from evil this year by Pier Pumpkin Lights, a pumpkin display along Navy Pier. A month-long celebration of the Halloween season, Pier Pumpkin Lights is being celebrated by restaurants and bars with seasonal specials. Along with the iconic Ferris wheel, Navy Pier offers an abundance of activities including a carousel and aviary, not to mention its fantastic views. Jack would’ve been proud.