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Swimming with Sharks

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Less Scary Than It Sounds

October is the beginning of whale shark season in Cabo, which is much less scary than it sounds. In fact, the term “gentle giant” has never been more fitting. Whale sharks grow up to 30 feet, making them the largest fish in the world by far. Yet, they feed entirely on plankton and small fish, posing no threat whatsoever to humans. These curious creatures are also surprisingly slow swimmers, meaning they’re known to swim happily with humans.

Take a day-long tour of Cabo’s waters and come head-to-head with these magnificent creatures. Essentially an underwater safari, Cabo Adventure’s Whale Shark Encounter means you’re just as likely to see octopi, sea turtles, and manta rays. This all-day affair begins in La Paz, just outside of Cabo, meaning you get a tour of the terrestrial landscape of Baja too. After an unforgettable encounter with nature, enjoy an unforgettable stay back at the hotel with us.