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A Personal Take on Public Architecture

Editor's Picks

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home

Restored by the F. L. Wright Preservation Trust to its 1909 appearance, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park is a true architectural gem. Originally built in 1889, when the prolific designer was only 22, the house was expanded and remodeled over the twenty years he lived there. As Wright’s family grew, so did the simple three-bedroom shingle-style home. With an ingeniously designed fireplace, a dreamy playroom built for his children, and an arc ceiling opened up by a massive skylight, it’s a unique view into the interior life of an influential figure. The home embodies the ever-evolving style of the twentieth century’s most celebrated architect and designer.

A great activity for a cold and grey November afternoon, the house is also a nice three-block walk away from Unity Temple, considered one of Wright’s masterpieces from the first decade of the twentieth century.