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Live Out Your Country Star Dreams

How does a deep dive into Nashville’s legendary music scene sound? Our new I Want to Be a Country Star promotion offers an extraordinary opportunity for music lovers: stay with us, and enjoy a one-on-one private guitar session with a Nashville touring musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Hole up in a private area of the hotel, and pick, strum, and riff your way through a one-hour master class in country, bluegrass, rock music, and more!

The guitars you’ll be using will be provided by none other than Nashville’s legendary Carter Vintage Guitar Shop. After your session, enjoy a tour of the shop’s fabled inventory, guided by seasoned staff members who will walk you through the history of the city’s guitar legends. Ever wanted to see the 1973 Stratocaster “Sweet Home Alabama” was written and recorded on? Well, it’s here, alongside countless other veritable museum pieces, and all the Martins, Gibsons, and Fenders your heart desires! And as a final treat, participants enjoy a 10% discount on all guitars purchased at the Shop. It’s the right way to do Nashville—with a guitar strap ’round your shoulders.