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Nature in Nashville

Editor's Picks

Exercise with a View

If “winter solstice” and “outdoors adventure” don’t sound like a perfect match to you, we encourage you to try the winter activities at Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary and reconsider. This gorgeous, 160-acre nature reserve in Brentonwood offers private hiking tours and an introduction to the region’s stunning natural scenery and diverse wildlife.

The Winter Solstice Night Hike on December 21st is a true annual highlight, starting with a picnic in the Russel Gathering Pavillion, followed by an immersive walk in the woods featuring lessons in naked-eye astronomy and wild owl calls.

For morning and afternoon hikers, especially those with a sweet tooth, the Marshmallow Hikes are a must. Running several times a week, these tours take you through the wintry woods and reward you with hot chocolate and s’mores at the end.